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Wanna Get Carved Thighs? These Thigh Workouts For Beginners Will Do The Job

Wanna Get Carved Thighs? These Thigh Workouts For Beginners Will Do The Job

Great legs are the indication of a great physique, isn’t’ it? But, getting perfectly carved thighs isn’t easy. Don’t worry we have thigh workouts for beginners that will make your thighs from fat to fit. They will target all your thigh muscles including the glutes, calves, and hamstrings. No deposits are needed in our casinodulacleamy.com online casino. Plus, they will strengthen the leg muscles but watch out for the basics.

If you miss out on the basics then no workout would be effective and you will end up injured. So, read further to know all the basics of thigh workouts.

5 Thigh Workouts That Every Beginner Can Do

Quad, hamstrings, and calves are the three major areas of the leg which when targeted will result in better shape. These are also important muscles for proper lower body movement. Thus, they should be strong enough to carry the upper body weight and smooth body movement.

A healthy diet and simple exercises help to balance and strengthening the leg muscles. But, do not perform the thigh workouts continuously without a break as recovery is as essential as workouts. And if you don’t give time to the muscles for recovery then you may get a serious injury later. Because, while doing exercises the muscles undergo a little wear and tear that needs immediate repairing.

Eating enough protein will repair the tissue damage and help in recovery. So, don’t just do these thigh workouts for beginners also take proper pre and post-workout.

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Here is what you can do to work on your legs and re-shape them.

Dumbbell Squat

thigh workouts for beginner
via: wodstar

Squats are undoubtedly a functional workout for the thigh but adding weights to the basic squats will double the benefits. Start with lighter weights so that your knees don’t get tired soon and follow these steps:

  • Hold the dumbbells in each hand in racked position and stand in the squat pose
  • Lower down the body in a squat pose, keep your back straight, and chest tall without bending your knees beyond the level of toes
  • Lift your arms toward the shoulders while you are in a squat pose
  • Pause the pose for few seconds and then gently raise your upper body without dropping the arms
  • Repeat the dumbbell squats till 12 reps and complete 3 sets to feel that burn

Dumbbell Lunges

thigh workouts for beginner
via: fitpeople

Lunges are great for thighs and with dumbbells, they are even more beneficial as it also improves the body’s balance and coordination. Simply do these steps:

  • Stand with close feet and dumbbell in each hand
  • Take a step forward with your left leg and bend the knee while stretching your right knee backward. Make sure the knee does not touch the ground and the upper body is perpendicular to the floor.
  • Bring back the left leg to the starting position and then repeat with the right-left.
  • Keep doing the alternative lunges for 30 seconds for each side

If you think it’s gonna be difficult with dumbbells then you can try other lunge variations like reverse lunges, pendulum lunges, walking, and slider reverse lunges.

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Deadlifts & Dumbbell

thigh workouts for beginner
via: garagegymbuilder

Start with a lighter weight dumbbell because deadlifts are the ultimate lower-body workout. You can get a serious injury if you are an early beginner with no strength to even hold the dumbbells. Otherwise, deadlifts with dumbbells are great strength training exercises for hamstrings and glutes.

Just do it this way:

  • Hold the dumbbells in a prone grip with palms facing your body and keep the arms sideways.
  • Place the feets hip-width apart and hinge your hips forward without bending the knees too much
  • Lower the dumbbells downward as if you are putting them on the floor but do not touch the ground
  • Do not drop your shoulders and neck and stay in this pose for 4-5 breaths
  • Return to the original position by pushing your hips forward
  • Repeat the dumbbell deadlifts for 6 reps in 2 sets

Take a rest of 60 seconds between each set and thigh workouts.

Calf Raises

thigh workouts for beginner
via: YouTube

You can do calf raises without or without a machine to work on your soleus and gastrocnemius muscles. This will result in a strong Achilles tendon that is an important muscle for a strong lower body.

  • To do calf raises all you have to do is to stand on your toes so that the heels are above the ground.
  • Raise your arms over the head and maintain the balance
  • Lower the heels and arms to complete one rep. Do at least 20 reps in 3 sets and give 30 seconds of rest to your legs before beginning each set.

Glutes Bridge

thigh workouts for beginner
via: foodspring
  • Rest your body down on the floor with feets resting firm on the ground and hands on the sides
  • Raise your hips gently above the floor till the thighs and knees come to an angle
  • Take the support of arms if you feel stumbling
  • Do not lower the chin while lifting the hips
  • Hold the bridge pose for two seconds and then drop the hips slowly
  • Complete 15 reps in 3 sets

At first, these thigh workouts for beginners might seem tough to you but once you get used to it, it would be easy. Then you can raise the weights of dumbbells to intensify the workouts. But, remember not to push the body beyond its limit. And if you feel pain while doing any of the above-mentioned exercises then stop.

Give enough rest to your body in between the exercises and start this thigh workout after consulting the doctor. These exercises might be too harsh for those with any existing health condition.


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