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Some useful breathing techniques and tips to maintain healthy lungs

Healthy Lungs

Lungs are known as the center of the respiratory system, which provides oxygen to the human body which gets circulate to organs. Each and every cell of the human body needs oxygen to stay alive which is transferred via the Healthy Lungs. We can easily conclude from the above line is that the lungs are one the most important organ of our body.

It is mentioned by the experts that human lung starts losing its effectiveness or healthiness at the age of mid-20s. The capacity of the lung reduces, it may find difficult while breathing even after performing simple exercise or shortness of breath can be absorbed.

Your body might feel exhausted just after following your routine, you would feel uneasy while using the staircase, running, or walking heavily, it would be super difficult for you to hold breath. These are some signs that show your lung is losing the capacity to hold breath.

But no need to worry, some basic exercises and inculcating some healthy habits in your routine will surely help you to gain powerful Healthy Lungs.

There are some effective breathing exercises given below, if you will continue performing them, you will surely see the difference and your breathing technique will be improved immensely.

For better results, perform the following exercise for about 15 to 20 minutes and with time you can increase the time interval, it would be great if you do them twice a day after some basic physical workout.

1. Diaphragmatic breathing –

It is also known as belly breathing which engages the diaphragm, this breathing technique is mainly suggested by the doctor or respiratory therapist. This particular exercise works best while you are in a resting position and your mind and body are completely relaxed. Follow the step given below for better understanding.

Diaphragmatic breathing

Step 1- Mediate for 10 minutes to relax your mind, now relax your body by sitting straight or lying down.

Step 2- Put one hand on your stomach area and place other hand on your chest. Apply gentle pressure on your stomach area.

Step 3- Inhale the oxygen as much as you can, hold the breath and let your stomach move out automatically.

Step 4- Now slowly release the air by your nose, keeping your lips completely shut.

Step 5- Repeat this breathing technique and try to inhale more oxygen and also absorb that your stomach is more involved in this technique than your chest.

2. Throwing air technique –

Throwing air technique –

This particular technique is quite effective in terms of gaining back the strength of the Healthy lungs. All you need is to sit back in the comfortable position in which your spine is completely straight and then start throwing carbon dioxide with a force in your belly area. Your belly area might get hurt after doing it for few minutes but lately, with time, the initial pain will demolish. But remember to throw air with full force. Dès 49€ d’achat, asgg.fr/ Santediscount.

3. Huff the cough technique –

This particular technique is used to get rid of a cough that is being accumulated inside your chest area. For this technique, you need to get a deep breath and then activate your stomach by producing a sound like “ha,ha,ha” so that the sound is coming from your stomach. This technique will mucus.

Huff the cough technique –

After we have learned about some breathing techniques, there are few things which you need to follow and few things you need to avoid strictly. Lung unhealthiness cannot be cured overnight, it takes huge efforts to get rid of unworthy lungs. Several medicines are also available in the market but do not consume them before consulting an expert doctor.

Here are few tips are given below to follow and avoid certain things to maintain proper care of human Healthy Lungs. Do check them out.

  • Smoking 

Everyone must be aware of the fact that how many smoking cigarettes affect our lungs. Even the packaging of cigarettes talks about the harmful effects of smoking. People who are highly addicted to smoking find it very difficult to breathe properly but to get back healthy lungs, one should quit smoking in order to maintain the care for their body. Inhaling any other substance which contains harmful elements should be prohibited.

  • Avoid dust and pollution 

You should avoid places where pollution is at its peak because it may come as a hindrance while you breathe. Dust particles may also cause a blockage so it is better to cover your nose or use a face mask to avoid pollution and dust. Also, try not to use fragrance that has a strong artificial smell.

  • Inhale fresh air 

Inhaling fresh air is such a great feeling which calms your body and mind. So keep on going to places where you can find fresh air, try to around nature. Do regular usage of tools like indoor air filters inside the house and car.

  • Heavy breaths 

While performing any activity if you feel any kind of uneasiness like you feel you are not getting enough oxygen then should start taking heavy breaths like a child. This will help you to attract more oxygen and your Healthy Lungs will be occupied more with air.

  • Get vaccinated 

It is clinically proven that people who are vaccinated for flu and pneumonia, have healthy lungs. This medication can reduce the chances of getting an infection of lung diseases.

Some symptom that you should not ignore (Healthy Lungs)

Symptoms like wheezing, chest feeling like it’s getting tight, ample amount of mucus is being accumulated on a regular basis and shortness of breath are some major signs of lung infection, do not ignore them. Do consult a doctor near you.

I hope you enjoy reading our blog, we will come up with more similar topics. Do check them out as well.

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