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5 Incredible Benefits Of Having Lunch And Its Recipe!

benefits of having lunch

It is so common to talk about benefits of having lunch because eating lunch is inculcated in our daily routine since our childhood that we somehow manage our time to eat something even if we are having busy days.

But eating at right time and eating the correct food with the correct quantity is still unknown for many of us. In this article, we are going to focus on some important tips that we can include in our lunch routine.

There are days when our entire focus is on our work-life or we might be disturbed by some incidents that might have occurred in our lives, on those moments we often skip our meals unconsciously.

That miserably affects our body and mental health, it is highly suggested that no matter how busy or tough life can become, we need to have our meals. On this note, there are 5 benefits compiled for you to know the importance of lunch routine in our day-to-day life.

5 Incredible Benefits Of Having Lunch

5 Incredible benefits of having lunch

1. Energy booster 

benefits of having lunch can become an energy booster and also keeps your metabolism active. You might feel sluggish throughout the day if you skip your meal, food maintains the activeness inside the body. Even your body looks fresh, without eating food human body tends to get dark circles, wrinkles, or dryness in the skin.

2. Mental health benefits

Have you ever got a severe headache on an extremely hectic day, that is because you might have not eaten the food at the correct time or not eaten properly. Your mind is somehow connected to the stomach and food.

You might have also observed that when your mood is off and suddenly you are served good food then instantly you could feel the change in your mental stability. It’s like food does magic to our minds as well, whenever there is something wrong happening in your life takes your friends out with you to have amazing lunch.

3. The blood sugar level is under control 

It is generally suggested to all the high blood sugar level patients to eat food in few hours of time interval, so for them skipping any meal would be not recommended.

4. Helps you to focus on work

The feeling of hunger does not allow the human brain to function properly. You keep on imagine some tasty food while doing your work or you might get angry while you are hungry or you might feel instant mood swings, this is because of hunger.

These instant emotions may become a hindrance which you are performing important work which requires an ample amount of focus, therefore, it is highly suggested to keep your stomach occupied with food for better functioning of your body6

5. Can make you socially active

Food is such a great way to get connected with people around you, and it is much better if you and your friends have the same choices of food. Even in the family, benefits of having lunch time and dinner time are meant to bring back the family together to discuss the whole day. It is the most special time of our day which we somehow do not appreciate much.

Those were few health benefits of not skipping lunch from your daily routine. Only having lunch for the sake of filling stomach is not enough, eating all kinds of nutrients is also mandatory. Prepare a weekly diet chart in such a manner that you consume pulses, green vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, fat, etc in an adequate amount.

Here is some recipe that might help you in preparing the diet chart, must check them out.

Recipe number 1 

Dosa and sambar

Dosa and sambar recipe is the most liked Indian food which tasty as well as healthy to eat because it has several pulses, vegetables, and spices included in it.

How to prepare sambar ?

There are many ways to prepare sambar, but here is the most common way of preparing sambar.

  • Cook the dal nicely until it gets soft. After the dal is cooked partly add vegetables to it and lots of water to it. ( you can use masoor, tur, masoor dal and for vegetables, you can add onion, potato, carrots, drumstick, etc, or any other vegetable according to your preference.)
  • After all the ingredients are cooked mash them with the help of a smasher so that vegetables and dal can be mixed perfectly.
  • Now, it’s time to add spices to sambar, add an adequate amount of oil on a medium flame, add dry chili leaves ( 4 to 5 ), add chana, urad dal, coriander seeds ( 1 tablespoon each )
  • After a minute add cumin, meethi seeds, turmeric, sambar masala, and salt according to your preferred taste. ( cook for 3 to 5 minutes )
  • Add smash vegetable and dal in the pan and with that tamarind water if needed and preferred.
  • After it is cooked and mixed add coriander leaves to it. Your sambar is ready! Have it with dosa, idli, vada, or rice as per choice and enjoy your lunch.

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Recipe number 2 –

Recipe number 2

If you are one of those who choose to have light food rather than going for heavy benefits of having lunch then khichdi can be the best option for you. Here is the delicious khichdi recipe which can be prepared in less time.

  • Rinse about a half a cup of rice and moong dal a vessel.
  • Add ghee or oil to the pot and add cumin seeds to it. Then add chopped tomato, onion, green chili, ginger to the pot. Stir it nicely.
  • Add salt in the pot, with that also add drained rice and moong dal and keep frying until it is roasted properly.
  • Add about 3 to 4 cups of water and then mix it well, cover the pot or if you are preparing in cooker then 2 whistles would be enough. Your amazing lunch is ready now.

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