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5 Indoor Exercises To Lose Weight Faster Without Going Gym In Winters

5 Indoor Exercises To Lose Weight Faster Without Going Gym In Winters

Winters are a good excuse for those who are less serious about losing weight but fitness is neither season nor time-bound. Try indoor exercises for weight loss as then you don’t need to have expensive gym equipment or wait for the rain to stop or winters to go away to stay fit. Because you don’t need them in reality to upgrade your health. 

You probably want to know all of those indoor workouts that save you from cold weather outside and shed some fat easily. So, don’t waste your time anymore and swipe up to know about them. 

Simple Indoor Exercises To Lose Weight At Home This Winters

Skipping Or Jumping Rope

indoor exercises for weight loss
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One of the easiest and interesting indoor exercises to lose weight is skipping that doesn’t ask for anything other than a jumping rope. The next step is to skip for 10 minutes twice a day. It isn’t tough and will help you burn around 200 calories a day because it works on your leg muscles and buttocks.

Apart from burning calories, skipping rope also improves bone density thus you get stronger bones. Skipping rope is also great for your heart and makes it strong so that the risk of cardiovascular disease gets reduced. 

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Thus, skipping rope is one of the best exercises that you can do easily without the need for an instructor. 

Climb The Stairs

No need to ask because everyone has stairs at home and that’s all is enough to cut off the unwanted fat from the waist. Surprisingly, it burns faster than skipping rope because it improves your metabolism which plays a wide role in keeping you fit.

So, when your metabolic rate improves the fat reduces and you turn slim. It is not only good for weight loss but stair climbing is also beneficial for runners to strengthen their leg muscles and boost stamina. 

Therefore, runners include stair climbing in their cross-training program. But, a beginner does not have to train hard like runners. Simply do 10 minute short sessions of stair climbing at home or park, whatever you prefer. 

However, you don’t have to do stair climbing every day. Just do it thrice a week and you will be fit and slim. And if you have no time for indoor exercises to lose weight, make it a habit. Take the stairs every time instead of taking elevators. This would be easy, isn’t it?

Walk More

indoor exercises to lose weight
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This is something we do always but winters restrict our movements and make us captive in bed. Don’t fall for it, instead, take brisk walks within the house or front yard of your home. And whenever you go outside whether for buying groceries or any other reasons, prefer walking over vehicles. 

You may think it won’t help you lose weight because even after walking all day you still have the same bodyweight. That’s because you don’t walk at a faster speed. Walking at normal speed really is of no help. 

Walk at a faster speed for 30 minutes daily and you will burn 150 calories. And if you have trouble walking due to any injury or arthritic knees, divide the session into three parts. Wear comfortable shoes so that you don’t experience much pain. 


Plank has to be in our list of indoor exercises to lose weight because t works on your core muscles. Most of you have thought of it only as an ab workout but it also reduces weight. Furthermore, the plank also stabilizes your posture, back, and pelvis muscles. 

So, do planks daily in 3 sets for 60 seconds only, and if you can’t do for this long just half the duration. Rest in between each set to avoid hurting your muscles. Also, hold each plank pose for no more than 10 seconds because it is challenging for beginners. 

In addition to this, always follow all the steps correctly so that you do not end up hurting your back. Here are the steps for first-timers:

  1. Kneel down on the floor 
  2. Place your elbows on the mat 
  3. Slowly lift your middle section by pressing the palms and toes against the floor
  4. Lift it till the back becomes parallel to the floor
  5. Keep the neck and head straight
  6. Do not look down while holding the pose
  7. After 10 seconds, release the pose and rest for a few seconds 
  8. Repeat the steps from the start 


indoor exercises to lose weight
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Squats neither need equipment nor the need to go to the gym. You can absolutely do squats at home and work on your major muscle groups like thighs and hips. After the abdomen, that’s where all the fat stores by the way. 3 sets of 15 reps will reduce your butt and thigh fat if you do squats daily. 

Avoid squats if you have a serious knee or back injury.

These were the five simple and easy to do indoor exercises to lose weight during winters. 

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