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8 Winter Skincare Routine Tips That Will Restore The Lost Glow In Winters

8 Winter Skincare Routine Tips That Will Restore The Lost Glow In Winters

Winters and bridal season both have arrived but the cold winds and freezing weather don’t let us look our best. But a good winter skincare routine will help you a lot especially when your skin is oily. Oily skin is more prone to acne breakouts than other skin types. Thus, it needs extra care and pampering.

Try our skincare tips to keep glowing even in winters.

Say Goodbye To Acne With Our Winter Skin Care Routine Tips

winter skincare routine
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No Hot Showers

Hot showers seem comforting during winters but it also damages your oily skin. Instead of a hot shower, use lukewarm water to wash your facial skin. This way you can remove all the grime from the face without turning it dull and damaged.

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Don’t Buy New Products

Although one should use products as per their skin and weather conditions, people with oily skin should avoid doing it. It is because your skin is adaptable to those products and bringing a change means more harm to the skin.

In case you think a certain skincare product is not working for you then do change with a good one. But, bring that new product into the routine gradually so that your facial skin can easily become used to it.

Right Cosmetics For Winter Skincare Routine

Choose your cosmetics wisely. It should be water-based and not oil-based because your skin also produces a lot of sebum. Greasing your skin further with oil-based cosmetics will give you a dull complexion and acne. So, choose your BB cream, foundation, and other cosmetics as per your skin type.

Avoid Rubbing 

Most of the girls rub the towel on their face to remove dust and dirt stick on face. It will leave your skin dry, irritate the pores, and result in more sebum production. Instead of rubbing, pat the skin with a soft microfiber cloth after a bath.

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Use Scrub Less Often For Winter Skincare Routine

winter skincare routine
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It’s winter so you don’t need to scrub much often like in summers but if you scrub it frequently in a week then it will open the pores and collect dust first. Keep the scrub limit twice a week. Moreover, use a home-made scrub to less harm your skin. Our site is built how much is a casino chip worth to help you win with our fun, entertainment, and diversity of online games.

You can easily make the scrub by mixing oats, sugar, and honey and use them as usual. Here are more homemade scrub to add to your winter skincare routine:

  • Cucumber Scrub- Grate a half cucumber and apply in an upward direction on the face. Wash with cool water after few minutes
  • Coconut Scrub- Mix coconut sugar and coconut oil in equal amounts and rub it in a circular motion on the face as well as the neck. Rinse after few minutes with cool water
  • Coffee Scrub- Take a tablespoon of grounded coffee mix with yogurt of an equal amount. Apply as usual to get the natural glow on the face as coffee improves the blood circulation of the skin.
  • Green Tea– Green tea improves overall health including facial skin health as it is rich in antioxidants that prevent the skin from radical damage. Mix 2 tea bags, sugar, and 1-2 drops of lemon juice in the hot water. Steep this mixture and apply when it gets cooled.
  • Honey Scrub- Use honey, lemon juice, and ground almonds to make the scrub. Honey will hydrate your skin and heal it internally. It also prevents the production of excess oil.

Try A Clay Face Masks

Apart from the scrub, you should try clay-based face masks to improve the appearance of the skin. Clay cleans the pores from the depth, absorbs the excess sebum, treats blemishes, and improves the glow. So, look for a face mask with bentonite or kaolin formula.

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Add Retinol In Your Routine

Our skin needs retinol to fight the signs of aging. And not just those with oily skin but also dry and combination skin type use retinol. It will reduce the aging signs and treat acne from within.

Don’t Forget The Eye

winter skincare routine
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Often we forget the eye, the most important part, and focus only on the skin around the eyes. But, don’t skip the eyes as the skin around them is delicate and prone to wrinkles and crow feet even before you age. Use a nighttime eye cream with vitamin C to slow down these signs and prevent dark circles.

Keep these winter skincare routine tips in mind for flawless skin even in winters.


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