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Home > home remedies > Say Goodbye To Winter Skin Problems As This Winter Rash Home Remedy Works For Sure

Say Goodbye To Winter Skin Problems As This Winter Rash Home Remedy Works For Sure

Say Goodbye To Winter Skin Problems As This Winter Rash Home Remedy Works For Sure

Winter skin Problems, rash is a common problem among people with dry skin or living in the extreme cold region. But, a simple winter rash home remedy can treat these symptoms. Want to know about those home remedies for winter rashes and other winter skin problems? Read till the end.

What Is Winter Rash?

winter rash home remedy
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It is unbelievable that our skin loses moisture during winters but that’s true because the cold air is dry. They suck all the essential water and oils that our skin holds and leave it irritated and dry. It also causes blisters, bumps, itching, flakes, and redness in those with sensitive skin. These are the symptoms of winter rash or Winter Skin Problems.

One may see these symptoms either on their legs, arms, or any other area of their body. Although the symptoms are mild, it can turn severe in case you have more skin problems like rosacea, asthma, dermatitis, eczema, and allergies.

Apart from cold weather, winter rash can also occur due to viral infection, stress, fatigue, and bacterial infection. Even sunburns can cause similar symptoms thus one must apply sunscreen even in winters.

5 Ways To Treat Winter Rash At Home

winter rash home remedy
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Winter rash isn’t a serious skin condition and can be treated easily at home. Here are some of the home remedies that might cure the winter rash or Winter Skin Problems.

  • Herbal TeaHerbal teas like chamomile and green tea are good not only for your health but also for your skin. It can treat eczema and skin irritation. You can apply these herbal teas as a facial toner and apply them on the skin to treat winter rash. For this, immersed a tea bag in the hot water and then strain the water. Use this as a toner.
  • Yogurt- This mild lactic acid has skin healing properties and also have antibacterial properties. This is why it can be a great winter rash home remedy. Apply it as a face mask and wipe off the yogurt with a damp washcloth after 10 minutes.
  • Aloe VeraAloe gel is cool and its soothing effect can cure eczema, psoriasis, and other winter skin problems. Directly apply the gel on the affected area daily and soon you will get the relief.
  • Vegetable Shortening- One of the most effective home remedies for winter rash is vegetable shortening. It not only treats dry skin, winter rash, and cracked skin but also restores the lost moisture. So, gently apply this thick greasy paste on the affected area and then wrap it with a plastic cover. After 2-3 hours remove the wrap and wipe off the paste.
  • Milk Bath- Milk is a great cleansing agent that can also give relief from the winter rash symptoms like itching and redness. Take a washcloth and damp it in the milk. Cover the affected area with this washcloth for 10 minutes and later wash with water.

In case you have eczema, then try olive oil, calendula, manuka honey, and tea tree oil on the skin. These ingredients are always available on the kitchen shelf, all you have to do is to use them as per the directions.

Ask the dermatologists before applying any winter rash home remedy to be on the safer side. Besides these, you should also work on these preventive methods during winters to avoid getting winter rash and other Winter Skin Problems.

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10 Ways You Can Stay Away From Winter Rash

home remedies for winter rash
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  1. Add moisture to your surroundings by investing in a good air humidifier.
  2. Avoid hot water baths and baths on alternate days. Use soap less often to prevent the drying of the skin.
  3. Don’t use soaps with fragrance. Instead, use natural and organic soap that uses ingredients like olive oil, goat milk, shea butter, and more.
  4. Cover your body with breathable fibers
  5. Go outside less often or only when necessary
  6. Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or more
  7. Avoid campfires as exposure to heat will make your skin dry
  8. Keep your skin moisturized by applying moisturizer many times a day. Also, use petroleum jelly as it locks the moisture under the skin
  9. You can even apply topical cortisone creams on the advice of doctors to reduce the symptoms of winter rash
  10. Eat flax seeds as they block arachidonic acid in your body that causes inflammation

Take these preventive measures and use the remedies as mentioned. Consult the doctor in cases the rashes are more severe and don’t go away with winter rash home remedy.

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