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Dietary Restrictions For High Blood Pressure Patients

Dietary Restrictions For High Blood Pressure Patients

It is very important to know what are the dietary restrictions for high blood pressure patients as a slight change in blood pressure creates a huge impact on the health of such patients. Thus, they have to be very cautious about their diet even though their blood pressure is under control. Read further to know.

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a common health issue worldwide which if not treated can lead to serious diseases like kidney and heart disease. This is because of the damage of blood vessels caused by the large amount of blood pumped by the heart that creates excessive pressure in the arteries.

As a result, the patient feels heaviness in the chest, dizziness, headaches, nosebleeds, or shortness of breath. However, the patient won’t experience the symptoms until their blood pressure is increased to a level that could severely affect their life.

What Causes High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure occurs due to no specific reason but certain drugs and health conditions like kidney problems, thyroid, and sleep apnea can contribute to hypertension.

As per the American Heart Association, such patients can improve their conditions by focusing on a proper diet besides medication and exercise. But, not all foods are good for such patients as some can increase the BP beyond a safe level.

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Here are the dietary restrictions for those patients:

dietary restrictions for high blood pressure patients
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Avoid Sodium

High BP patients should take their salt intake into consideration as eating too much salt can increase the blood pressure level. Experts suggest that one should not take more than 1 teaspoon that is 23,000 mg of sodium a day.

But, most of the sodium comes from packaged foods. Major contributors among those are:

  • Sandwiches
  • Soup
  • Tacos and Burritos
  • Pizza
  • Bread and rolls
  • Cured meats

Say No To Pickles

Pickles have a high sodium amount as they are preserved in salt for longer use. This increases the shelf life of the pickle but it affects the health of patients with high blood pressure. Therefore, one should avoid eating pickles daily. These include: Mobile Account: Players who connect their MobileCasino account with https://clickmiamibeach.com/ an online banking account automatically receive access to hundreds of online casino games.


If you think the only salt can raise the blood pressure level then you are wrong. Sugar can also hike the level of BP as per research. Moreover, sugar has a direct impact on blood pressure. Thus, avoid eating sugary foods and sugar-sweetened drinks. Also, ensure that your sugar intake does not cross the daily recommended limit of 25 grams if you are a female.

Males should not take more than 36 grams of sugar a day.

Saturated Fats

Foods like butter, full-fat milk, chicken skin, and other animal products are high in saturated fat that increases LDL cholesterol. LDL is a bad cholesterol level that can give rise to a life-threatening disease.

Plant-based foods like olive oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds are good and healthy replacements for these saturated fats.

More Foods That Increase Blood Pressure

Besides the above-mentioned foods, BP patients should cut these foods from the menu:

  • Spinach
  • Whole Masoor dal
  • White rice
  • Cheese
  • Vinegar
  • Peanut Butter
  • Beetroot Chocolate

Don’t lose heart if your favorite foods are on the list. Instead of those, you can rely on these healthy food options.

Healthy Foods For High Blood Pressure Patients

dietary restrictions for high blood pressure patients
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  • Citrus Fruits- Lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits have heart-healthy nutrients that reduce the blood pressure level.
  • Fish- Salmon particularly is high in omega-3 fats that help to lower the blood pressure levels
  • Pumpkin Seeds– These tiny seeds contain the amino acid, potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients that relax the blood vessel
  • Beans And Lentils- Eat these legumes as they lower SBP and maintain the good health of people with hypertension
  • Berries- Add any type of berries to your diets such as blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and chokeberry
  • Pistachios- Eat these healthy nuts as a snack to keep the blood pressure level in check
  • Veggies- Vegetables like broccoli, swiss chard, carrots, tomatoes, and celery are good for you
  • Spices- Make sure your meal contain spices like sweet basil, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, ginseng, and cilantro

Make your meals around these healthy foods and avoid the foods mentioned above. Consult your dietician for more personalized diet recommendations.

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