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Honest comparison between glasses and contact lenses

glasses and contact lenses

There is always a confusion regarding glasses and contact lenses, some people feel contact lenses can harm their eyes and some feel glasses does not look good on their face. In this article, we will compare both the ways in brief. Some people out there prefer both, according to the situation, but some people stick to one method for the rest of their life.

We will be sharing some commonly asked question, which generally contain confusion.

Comparison between Glasses and contact lenses

1. Which one is more comfortable to wear ?

When we compare glasses and contact lenses the obvious answer in terms of comfort comes out to be glasses. Glasses can be easily wore, in extreme heat or cold weather also it is wearable. When we talk about lenses, it get little uncomfortable while wearing it but when you get through the process, it is actually easy and comfortable.

2. Which one is more expensive?

In the long run lenses are more expensive than glasses because it does not require high maintenance. Glasses can be cleaned easily, less likely to get damaged whereas in case of glasses it will cost you more in order to maintain them.

Also the cost factor depends much more on the brand value of the product, lenses and glasses are available at cheaper rates if the product is local but it can also be very expensive if the product is from branded store.

glasses and contact lenses
glasses and contact lenses

3. Both the items are safe (glasses and contact lenses)?

Generally there is a myth that lenses are not safe. Previously there used to be complain about the lenses that it make the eyes dry and unhealthy. But now lenses are made up of good quality silicon that does not harm cornea at all, few lubricators are also available in the market that helps to get rid of the dryness.

If you take proper eye care routine in regular basis then surely you will see benefits of lenses. When we talk about glasses, glasses does not harm the eyes at any circumstances until you are wearing correct glasses according to your genuine vision.

4. Which is safe while working on in front of screen?

When we work in front of computer screen, our eyes usually tend to get dry because while working we do not blink our eyes. In that case glasses works as a barrier and it protect our eyes from unwanted rays coming from the screen. Contact lenses from good brand are generally breathable in nature, even they work nicely in front of screen.

5. Which one is better for the athletes glasses and contact lenses?

Athletes generally require clear vision in order be ahead in their game. In fact all the people who are indulge in heavy physical work, contact lenses can be savior for them. Glasses tend to fall while playing intense physical game. Contact lenses hardly get dislocated from the socket of the eye, it remains still while playing.

Contact lenses provide the most clear vision, it feels like you have not wore anything in your eyes. It is super comfortable while playing that you do not get distracted about wearing them.

6. Which looks more fashionable?

Everyone has different fashion sense, for some glasses looks cute on their face but for some it may not look that much attractive. Although you can always experiment with the frames and colors of the glasses according to your face structure.

Even lenses can be wore as a fashion item, you can get some colored lenses that looks good with your makeup or skin tone.

These were few relatable comparison made between glasses and contact lenses. These were few questions that always run in our minds before using them, with the help of this article I hope you would have been clear about the working of both the products.

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