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No More Pain As These Home Remedies For Headaches Work For Sure

No More Pain As These Home Remedies For Headaches Work For Sure

Poor lifestyle or an underlying health condition can give you mild to serious headaches that may not get away with medicine. But, home remedies for headaches are always at the rescue to bring your life back on track. You might know some of them but there are a lot more effective home treatments to reduce headaches.

Read further to know about those remedies.

Know Your Headaches And Their Types

home remedies for headaches

Before we tell you about the home remedies for headaches, one must know that all headaches are not due to work-life stress. Some may be sharp and unbearable pain and differ in terms of frequency and duration. For instance, episodic headaches can cause discomfort for several hours whereas chronic headaches can stay for days.

Moreover, some may experience pain in different parts of the head like that in migraine which occurs only on one side of the face. Sinus headaches appear in front and chronic headaches occur around the eye.

Similarly, one can experience headaches due to high blood pressure, tension, overuse of medications, or excessive caffeine.

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Observing the duration and frequency will help you identify that something is wrong and doctor’s intervention is required. But if you are experiencing normal headaches then no need to rely on medications. Try these simple home remedies for headache relief.

Simple Home Remedies That Will Treat Your Headache

home remedies for headaches
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Essential Oils

Essential oils have the power to treat not only your headaches but also reduce stress and chronic pain. However, for different purposes, different essential oils are used. For instance, lavender and peppermint are good for the treatment of headaches.

Moreover, they are even good for those with migraines. So, get the pure essential oil and apply as suggested by the therapist to get relief from headaches.

Try Cinnamon

You can call cinnamon a miracle spice as it can give instant relief from unbearable headaches. But, unlike ginger tea don’t try cinnamon tea for the treatment. Instead, make a paste by blending cinnamon powder and water. Apply this thick paste on the area of pain and relax for half an hour.

Wipe off the paste or wash with lukewarm water.

Use Cloves

Another great kitchen ingredient that has the power to curb off the headache is cloves. They have cool and pain-relieving effects that give relief from the throbbing headaches. But, don’t just chew the cloves or rub its paste on the forehead. There is a very unusual way of using cloves for headaches.

Take a few cloves in a piece of cloth or in a small sachet. Crush them and inhale it’s smell whenever you get a headache. Soon you will get some relief. If the smell is very unpleasant for you then try using clove oil. Mix a few drops of it with coconut oil and sea salt.

Rub this mixture on the forehead and massage well.

Heal With Herb

Basil is a very useful and powerful herb for the treatment of headaches due to its analgesic benefits. It also acts as a relaxant for the muscles and relief all the tension trapped in it. The use of basil is up to you as you can either use fresh leaves of basil or use basil oil, both are good.

If you are using the leaves then the best way is to add them to tea or simply boil with water and have a sip. In case you are not in the mood to prepare a basil tea then simply chew the basil leaves.

You can even add a few leaves of basil to the steamer and inhale the steam to reduce the headaches.

Try any of these home remedies for headaches and all your pain will go away. In case you are not getting any relief and headaches are frequent and more painful then consult a doctor.

Other Ways To Relieve Headaches

home remedies for headaches
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Headaches can be also treated with some yoga poses as they heal internally and improve overall health. Yoga is also beneficial to improve the serious conditions that can lead to serious headaches such as migraines.

Here are the basic yoga poses to heal headaches whether normal or migraine.

  • Standing forward bend pose
  • Child pose
  • Downward facing dog pose
  • Wide-legged forward bend pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Corpse pose
  • Cat stretch
  • Lotus pose

Perform these yoga poses under the supervision of experts so that you can optimize their benefits.

Besides yoga and these remedies, improve your lifestyle by exercising regularly and avoiding foods like hot dogs, bacon, and other nitrates preservative foods. Also, drink more water and limit the alcohol intake to get rid of headaches gradually.






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