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All you need to know about skin fasting benefits

skin fasting

Skin fasting has become major trend these days and it is rapidly growing in the internet. It is basically a day or week off from using any make and skincare into the skin. It the break for the facial skin to rejuvenate itself.

This concept was mainly brought for the people who use many products in their face while doing makeup and skincare. If you are not one of them, then skin fasting would not show major result to your skin.

Why do you need skin fasting?

There are so many makeup product available in the market which many of us use and we keep layering them with a moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, sitting spry and what not.

These product make look fabulous and flawless but it is actually blocking all the pores and it is not allowing natural oils of your skin to come out. This make your skin to breakout and hence you get bad textured skin with lot of pimples.

To avoid your skin to loss its original texture and to make the skin glow, there is next step we follow, A skincare routine. Even a skin care routine has several steps like cleaning, exfoliating, eye mask, lip mask, facial oils, under eye cream etc. These products may not harm your skin but they also sit into your skin for longer period of time.

skin fasting
skin fasting

The artificial oils are being transferred into the skin. Skincare may work for you, but after continuing it with the same routine your skin will show absolutely no changes because skin has got used to not produce natural oil.

If you want that your skin should function by its own then you should start doing skin fasting. It is an amazing method to let your skin breath and bring out the original essence.

Disclaimer –

Skin fasting does not work for everybody because some people have got so used to their product that their cannot function properly in bare form. Few people shared their experience that they found out their skin to be more dry than before and their lips were full chapped all over the day.

Few of them could feel that their skin reduce its sparking effect and some felt that skin fasting would increase their dark circles. But for the people who used to drink at least 3 liters of water while skin fasting found a natural glow in their face which do not look artificial like the effect of highlighter. They felt that their skin was improving from within.

It is suggested that you should try skin fasting for few days, where you will take break from all the products and see if your skin is performing or not. If yes, then you should take break from your skincare, decide few days or week in which you will be using no products.

If your answer is no, then you should continue with your skincare because skin fasting is not your cup of tea.

The most important thing that you should keep in your mind is that exfoliating and cleansing is required even if you are not applying any makeup. Dead skin get accumulated in the surface of the face and that needs to get off your skin as early as possible.

You might think useless of washing or exfoliating but it will enhance the texture of your skin. Improvement of the skin will eventually look good with makeup and without makeup also. All online https://clickmiamibeach.com/ casinos offer a number of free spins and bonuses, which usually come with a variety of conditions and often restricted.

Try out this amazing new trend of skin fasting. Now it is your time to switch your routine and see the difference in your skin. Happy fasting!

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